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Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning

Truck mounted carpet cleaning machine

Our system of cleaning is truck-mounted steam extraction. Quite simply we use the most powerful carpet cleaning machine in the world!

Why is truck-mounted carpet cleaning so superior?

Once pre-cleaning detergents have done their work breaking up soil a powerful machine is needed to rinse the carpet fibres and extract the soil. Our machines outperform regular portable machines in many ways:

Truck mounted carpet cleaning Truck mounted carpet cleaning
Truck mounted carpet cleaning Truck mounted carpet cleaning

'Better results, faster cleaning, quicker drying'

Pressure: More pressure means water is flushed through the carpet with greater power and efficiency

Suction: Our machines have far greater suction than any portable machines meaning much faster drying times.

Heat: Our machines can heat water to over 200degrees F so soil is broken up more effectively and much quicker.

Please read our case studies of clients who have benefited from our truck-mounted system as well as their testimonials

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