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‘There’s more to cleaning rugs than using a carpet cleaning machine’

The professional cleaning of rugs involves many specialised steps that aren't included in wall-to-wall carpet cleaning.

Natural wool and silk rugs must go through all these steps in order to be cleaned safely and thoroughly:

Dry Soil Removal- The most important process is to remove as much dry soil as possible using a two step air dusting and mechanical beating system.

Colour Stabilizing: The rug dyes are stabilised in an acidic bath

Full Immersion Wash - The rug must then be fully immersed in cold water.

Mild Detergent Cleaning: cleaning is carried out with a safe, mild detergent using soft brushes.

Centrifuge Rinsing: Once the rug is clean we rinse it free of all residue in a centrifuge machine.

Fringe Detailing: The fringes are inspected and if necessary re-cleaned.

Hanging & Drying: The finished rugs are hung to dry in a temperature controlled room.

We carry out rug cleaning in London with free pick up and delivery. Our service is available to clients all over the UK. New clients who require rug cleaning in Essex or rug cleaning in Surrey may also qualify for our free pick up and delivery service for large or multiple rugs.

Please feel free to have a look at our rug cleaning videos or contact us for more information.

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